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创办人何嘉瑩小姐(Alice Ho)一直醉心香熏治疗及天然护肤,并考获MIFA注册专业香熏治疗师资格,于天然护肤及香熏行业拥有多年经验,现于伊利沙伯医院教授孕妇香熏按摩,并曾与各类大型机构合作,亦曾为国际知名护肤品牌的發佈会担任客席嘉宾,分享香熏疗效及DIY护肤心得。

Alice同时创立个人护肤品牌Ali'sAromatherapy,希望藉此推广香熏及天然护肤的好处。品牌以简约设计为主,配合天然植物原料制作,不含矿物油、色素及有害防腐剂,全部均由Alice Ho精心调制。Alice不时搜罗世界各地最优质天然的素材及先进技术,研發天然无添加的产品,务求让您更细心呵护肌肤。



Ali's Aromatherapy与景鸿汇的服务理念一致,致力于为广大尊贵客户提供优质、到位的服务,除了提供最优惠的产品折扣,Ali's Aromatherapy更曾在冬日时分赞助景鸿汇心形便携式香熏石套装给予景鸿老客户,答谢客户一直以来的支持与信赖。


The founder of Ali’sAromatherapy, Miss Alice Ho, is a registered MIFA Aromatherapist. She is anexpert in Aromatherapy and DIY Skincare for many years. She teachesAromatherapy in Pregnancy Practice in Queen Elizabeth Hospital. She has beenworking with different international and well-known organizations, includingHong Kong Trade Development Council, JP Morgan, Watson Group, New World Group,Bank of China, HSBC and Wing On Travel etc.
She also invited to bethe guest speakers to introduce the aromatherapy of skincare brand events.

Alice is passionate inher skincare brand products, Ali’s Aromatherapy which provided natural remediesto look after our everyday physical and holistic needs, plus tap into thefondness for aromatherapy. All the products are toxic free, do not have anypreservatives, freshly made from time to time. To maintain the high quality ofthe products, the natural ingredients are imported all over the world.

Ali's Aromatherapy and EKCLUB have the same mission, constantly striving to provide the best productsand services to our prestigious customers. Ali’s Aromatherapy has graciouslysponsored a custom-designed aroma diffuser gift set for EK Club’s prestigiouscustomers, as a token of appreciation for our customers’ ongoing support.
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